Deadwalk: The Last War (Android)

Deadwalk: The Last War – online strategy in the world of a post-Apocalypse with the zombie and fine graphics.

The background of Deadwalk: the Last War is quite original for online strategy: as a result of nuclear war almost the whole world was completely destroyed, there was only a handful of survivors. However, instead of uniting, they began to build secure bases and fight each other for the remaining resources. The player will become one of these survivors.

The graphics in Deadwalk are very good, and for strategy – so in General is excellent. Everything is beautiful, harmonious and, oddly enough, realistic, although many elements cause Association with comics or Board games rather than with reality.

For such a schedule can be forgiven even the fact that the buildings are located only where they took place developers. But there is a plus: from the beginning the player sees all the possible buildings and conditions for their construction, so it becomes easier to plan development. Almost every building requires for its construction or improvement not only resources but also a number of other buildings, improved to sufficient levels. Somehow in a special twist in the development will not work, but will not be able to make fatal mistakes.

There are quite a lot of resources: food, water, fuel, metal and money. All of them are necessary for the construction and recruitment of the army. Resources can be produced on the basis of, for example, growing food on farms, producing water in springs and fuel in oil wells. But it is much faster, of course, to Rob one of the neighbors or zombies. Where they have resources is unknown, but it is not so important. It is important that you can Rob them completely calmly, without fear of retaliatory attacks, which will surely occur if you start attacking players. The destruction of hordes of zombies is a single-player campaign, zombies become stronger with each new level, and soon begin to demand very powerful armies for their destruction.

The battle process is interesting: before the battle, the player and the enemy troops line up opposite each other on several cells. The player can arrange the units so that they cause maximum damage, and receive a minimum. This is not explained in too much detail in training, but over time the skill comes. Placing the troops, it remains to press the start of the battle and enjoy what is happening.

In limbo there are alliances. To join them is not difficult, but you need to try to get into some of the top. Participants receive a lot of bonuses, resources and other things that greatly simplify development. Russian-speaking users in Deadwalk very much, there are groups of Vkontakte, dedicated to the game, so that the social component and communication are also present.

Donat is present in the strategy, but it is not necessary, at least in the early stages of development. Very useful its application – a quick treatment of troops injured. In a normal situation, you can just wait until they are cured naturally. But if the war is in full swing, Donat is very useful.

Deadwalk: The Last War stands not only graphics, surprisingly great for mobile strategy, but also interesting gameplay, a large number of players, interesting buildings and unusual story.

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