Game review Kastlot-strategy Winners! (iPad)

Castlot-medieval strategy with knights, dragons, and unusual gameplay. You will find an interesting combat system, a simple economic component and the atmosphere of the times Of King Arthur.

Kastlot Strategy Winners! – a challenging strategy game with an unusual but interesting gameplay. At first glance, it seems to be a typical military construction strategy, but over time, a lot of features.

The action takes place in the Golden age of Britain, in the time of the legendary King Arthur. He is opposed by Morgan Le Fay, and the player, in the beginning, have to choose which of those two is going to support. It will have little impact, so you can choose, focusing only on your taste.

What is King Arthur associated with in the first place? Right, with the Knights of the Round Table. And in Kastlot these knights are! Each user has a hero, and they are not only that have their own characteristics, but also have a unique fighting talent. And when the heroes lead an army (each commanding a separate unit), the combination of their combat talents will open a special spell. This may be, for example, poisonous fog, coughing up the enemy troops, or divine healing, resurrecting the fallen and healing the wounded.

Unfortunately, look at the battle will only after it will take place. To affect the outcome only at the stage of preparation: assign commanders to train troops to have well, it turned out that archers will be breast-to meet the enemy cavalry and spears to sit in the rear. All types of troops pumped and then get less damage, and cause it, respectively, more. It is a real situation when pumped to four stars squads of ten thousand soldiers win forty thousand, who have not yet reached the third level.

Heroes can fight without armies: what kind of King Arthur and the Golden age of Britain without jousting? Such fights take place in the arena, where the characters get experience and develop.

But there is one feature that overshadows all of the above. Each player has his own guardian beast. And this beast-Keeper-a huge charming dragon who lives next to the castle and comes to the rescue if necessary. As you know, dragons love gold, so that their pumping involves the issuance of large sums for the arrangement of the dragon Treasury.

The fighting component of Kastlot Strategy Winners! varied and colorful. But do not forget about the economy. No part of the medieval infrastructure will not settle itself-all will have to deal with the player. Building houses for residents, growing food on farms, building mining and defensive buildings, barracks… it May seem that all this is too difficult, but in fact, even a brief training is enough to understand and act consciously, building exactly what you need for the Empire at the moment.

Of course, in Castlot there is Donat, here it is diamonds. For them, you can buy different attack cards, pump troops and so on.

Graphics is not a violent delight. In General, it looks even somewhat outdated. But it’s not such a big minus: for the rich gameplay, some flaws graphics will no longer be visible. In addition, the strategy has its own charm-a strict minimalist style without unnecessary details, harsh and brutal as the knights of the Round Table.

Kastlot Strategy Winners! definitely worth playing with. The gameplay is unique and balanced, and the atmosphere of the times Of king Arthur transmitted perfectly.

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