Guardians of the Galaxy

In Google Play recently a new application based on the acclaimed blockbuster “Guardians of the Galaxy”. Application of its kind is very original: the developers did not limit themselves to any one type of widget and included several.

Fans of the film are offered interactive live Wallpaper, clock, calculator, mirror, flashlight, as well as more than 20 screen widgets with the main characters. Of course, such applications are not new for Android users, but not this time. The fact that the live Wallpaper is completely repeated one of the moments of the film and all the characters look very realistic.

In addition, there is an automatic scrolling Wallpaper, during which the characters can approach and move away, and if you touch them – and then say one of their 5-6 phrases, and the voices of real actors who played these roles. In General, a full sense of presence in the film.

Another, no less entertaining widget-talking clock. If desired, you can click on them and listen to the time, again in English. The implication is that the time you utters emotional raccoon Rocket, which originally voiced by Bradley Cooper. Well, as already noted, there are more than 20 proper stickers-widgets with each of the 5 characters. It is worth noting that all of these widgets are installed easily, the device does not hang and does not reboot. The application “Guardians of the Galaxy” has become the most popular among all other similar applications and would have found even more fans, if not for one thing: all widgets are paid.

Downloads the application for free, but everything else you need to buy – the whole set is 102p. Although the application is worth the money – made high quality and interesting, the device does not harm, viruses or advertising does not contain, and so far is the best among other developments on the subject of a blockbuster.

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