HOMIDO VR: virtual reality Helmet for iPhone

For many years, human life will improve new technologies. One of the latest technological innovations will be discussed today. Homido VR virtual reality helmet for iPhone immerses us in a fascinating world, allowing us to plunge into the unknown, actively developing imagination.

Attractive price and excellent quality provided him a worthy place in the niche of modern inventions. A miracle device settled between Gear VR from Samsung and Cardboard from Google. The gadget has the following equipment – the helmet itself, a case, a cloth napkin to remove dirt, three pairs of lens holders, a replaceable nozzle and an operating instruction. For those who perceive visually better-on the Internet provided a lot of video clips that will clearly show the device itself and the features of its work.

A special plastic cell that is provided for the phone, very stable, diagonal smartphones suitable for use, from 4 to 5.7 inches. The lenses have different sizes and are suitable for people with both good and poor eyesight. In General, the equipment is excellent, taking into account the fact that, for example, the Cardboard is just a cardboard and a pair of glasses. The belt is rubberized, equipped with wheels to adjust the length, which provides the most comfortable and tight fit. The distance to the eyes and between the lenses is also adjustable.

Break the helmet is quite problematic because of the electronics in it. And this is an undeniable advantage over direct competitors. There is an individually developed application, which contains an interesting catalog of content for HOMIDO VR. Now there is no need to spend time looking for something new and interesting on the Internet, on the App Store or YouTube-just go to the app.

While at home, you can now surf, jump from a parachute, shoot a dozen zombies or ride a roller coaster, which in reality in life would not have climbed. A huge number of different games and simulators with support for HOMIDO VR will not leave anyone indifferent.
You can buy both for your use and for a gift. Immerse yourself in virtuality.

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