Hotel Mogul

What do you get when you combine a cheating husband, losing your hard earned business in a contested divorce, 35 levels of challenging gameplay, great graphics, and flawless sound effects and animation?  Hotel Mogul!  In this game you’re Linette, a hard working business woman who recently learned that her husband of only 3 months has decided to take advantage of an overlooked loophole in their pre-nup and divorce her.  As part of the divorce he gains ownership of her pride and joy, a real estate firm called The Golden Company that she built from the ground up.  Lynette isn’t the type to just sit back and take it.  She’s put it on her shoulders to start another real estate business from the ground up, and to earn enough cash to buy her old company back and to put her ex in prison!

To succeed in Hotel Mogul you’ve got to successfully buy, develop, and sell commercial properties.  Similar to the SIMS games, in Hotel Mogul you’re submersed in a virtual society with real world challenges to deal with.  You’ve got to work with limited resources and budgets, buying and selling property requires good instincts and perfect timing, property values increase and decrease unpredictably, less than stellar neighboring properties impact your income potential, and vacant lots need to be purchased and developed.  Failing to do any of these properly impacts the amount of cash you earn, the amount of bonus points you achieve, and ultimately will require you to repeat levels if you don’t have enough points to advance.Key Features of Hotel Mogul:

Five exotic settings

35 levels
Four mini-games
Six kinds of hotels
Vibrant graphics and sound

Tell you what, we really liked Hotel Mogul, and let me tell you why.  No part of this game disappoints.  It’s easy to tell that Alawar Entertainment develops quality apps.  All aspects of the game had the right sounds, animation, and effects.  The interface is very intuitive.  It’s easy to understand, easy to figure out where to go and what to do, and the game is a deep and challenging.  The further you advance in the game the more strategy comes into play.  You can successfully complete levels but still not have earned enough points to purchase structures required to play the next level.  So it’s important you really run an efficient business, buying, demolishing, developing, upgrading, and selling the right properties and attractions at the proper points in time.

If you’re into SIM games then you’ll surely like Hotel Mogul.  When we did this review the app was only $1.99 and at that price we feel like it’s a real bargain!  Definitely check out Hotel Mogul!

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