Jungle Heat review (Android, iOS)

Jungle Heat is a strategy on oil production in the jungle. The player is required to develop their base, protect it from enemies and train units to attack other users.

After the jungle was discovered wealth for them began a real war. It is around this plot twists Jungle Heat. Users have to build and train fighters to prove who really deserves to own wealth. The game is multiplayer, so you can compete with other gamers, which makes the gameplay addictive and fun.

Before the game, all new users are invited to be trained. In lessons shows you how to build a base, improve it, and to train soldiers. After that, you will be given exactly 12 hours to create units and place protective devices, after which the protection will be lost. If the user decides at this time to go on the offensive, the shield will disappear sooner.

The battles take place in automatic mode – the player is only required to place units. Then it all depends on the quality of protection of someone else’s base, training units, and good luck. The battle is given a certain amount of time, and during this period of need to have time to collect as many resources as possible.

In Jungle Heat, you can focus on either defense or attack. In the first case, it makes sense to actively improve the facilities for resource extraction, in the second – to train fighters. For this, there is a special currency: coins and crystals. They can be earned by performing various tasks or buy for real money.

To protect was effective, it is necessary to place the gun, protecting the most important objects. Weapons should be located throughout the territory, not collected in one place. Also in defense will help a good fence, which at the time delay opponents.

The strategy has quite a standard form. There is a plot of land on the edges of which you can see the green jungle. Objects and weapons are close to reality, although the graphics can be attributed to the cartoon style. The colors are cheerful, bright, so the game is uplifting and looks quite peaceful, despite the military component. All the buildings are colorful, made in bright colors and do not look intimidating. Units also do not have a harsh appearance, but the developers did not try to create a tense atmosphere.

Jungle Heat is a great strategy that has almost no scenes of violence. Age limit 7 + says about the simplicity of gameplay and the absence of bloodshed. The game is good for recreation, as the strategic part does not require special mental stress and concentration. You can collect resources, send units into battle and see what happens. Jungle Heat deserves attention, as the gameplay is interesting, and multiplayer mode adds the effect of competition.

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