Lucky Me Plus iPad Game

There’s a certain feeling of exhilaration playing for things where the outcome is based, whether fully or partially, on luck. The rush that comes with having little control over how these games turn out is a common addiction for gamblers all over the world. Of course, a lot of us want to experience the same thrill without having to lose a dime of our hard-earned money. If you’re not into online gambling, then you should consider Lucky Me Plus, Emantras Inc.’s shiny new app that lets you put your luck to the test.

A remarkable feature that first caught my attention was the customization of the game screen, where, upon typing your name, you’ll be taken to the main menu. The title now reads Lucky <player name>, all done in gold and diamonds. Gorgeous, not to mention little details like that contribute to the overall impact of a game.

Naturally, the game itself offers a lot more than just eye-catching visuals. There are two modes to choose from – Quick Luck and Feelin’ Lucky. In the first, you’ll play through at least three minigames, after which your luck will be graded based on your performance. The latter one challenges you with seven or more games and equips a luck meter to show how you’re faring after each one. You’re in for a fun time as you try to uncover treasure chests beneath unmarked doors, find pearls in an ocean of oysters, shake apples from junk-laden trees, scratch matching combos to win at slots, and much more – all before the timer runs out.

In most of these games, you’ll need more than just luck to get you through. Employ a combination of speed and skill to increase your chances on getting goals accomplished, and if you manage to earn over 50%, you’ll win collectible lucky charms. Brag about your high score to friends over Twitter or Facebook and share your penchant for getting lucky!

Whereas the polished graphics, customization features, and fast-paced gameplay provide for an entertaining time, the sometimes unresponsive controls can be frustrating, especially since your performance is greatly tied to quick reflexes. It also gets a bit repetitive after playing for a time, as the app doesn’t include a large collection of games.

All things considered, Lucky Me Plus is a visually appealing and exciting chance game that uses controls in intuitive and varied ways. It feels a little short of content, but if you’re looking for a casual game to keep you amused for short bursts of time, you’ll no doubt find this app worthy.


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